Red Smart Cart Demo Kit

Product Code: ME-1272


The Red Smart Cart Demonstration Kit comes with a Red Smart Cart and all the accessories you need to perform amazing physics demonstrations in kinematics and dynamics. 


  • Differences between Velocity and Acceleration
  • Independence of Horizontal and Vertical Projectile Motion
  • Newton’s First Law
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Impulse and Force
  • Force and Acceleration in Collisions
  • Centripetal Acceleration
  • Compare Velocity, Acceleration, and Force in Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Buoyant Force and Archimedes’ Principle

How It Works

The Smart Cart Demonstration kit includes instructions for physics demos. Each demonstration is broken into sections as follows:

  • Overview – This is a brief description of the demonstration, and the concepts covered.
  • Equipment List – includes the items used from the Smart Cart Demonstration Kit as well as any other equipment required.
  • Teacher Tips – Suggestions to help make the demonstration a success.
  • Preparation – These are the steps to take prior to class time.
  • Demonstration – These are the steps to take during the demonstration. Included in this section are questions to ask the students. It is recommended that you copy and paste these questions into presentation slides to show during the demonstration. Most of the questions are in multiple choice form so they can be used with clicker response systems.
  •  Configuration Files – PASCO Capstone and SPARKvue configuration files are supplied to teachers who sign into their PASCO online accounts. Instructions for creating the Capstone configuration files also appear at the end of each demonstration.

What’s Included