FLIR Infrared Camera

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Product Code: SE-7128


Extend your students’ world into the infrared with this full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera. This infrared camera takes two pictures at once: one in the visible spectrum and one in the infrared. An outline of the visible image is superimposed on the colorized infrared picture for reference. In addition to the color temperature scale there is a digital readout of the temperature.


  • Light, slim profile
  • Bright, 3” touchscreen
  • Built-in LED spotlight
  • Big snapshot button stores thermal, visible and visible overlay as jpgs
  • Easy-access on-off button powers up fast
  • USB Micro-B file transfer and data streaming
  • Visible Camera
  • Thermal Camera


  • Check light transmission through different media: Visible light easily passes through acrylic; IR does not. Visible light is not readily transmitted through black balloons, but they are transparent in the IR, as are silicon wafers, black plastic garbage bags…
  • Slide a block on the table. We always tell our students that the energy is dissipated as heat. Show them!
  • Look at your infrared reflection in a white board.
  • Record infrared video in PASCO Capstone and sync to data from thermal experiments
  • Take off your shoes and follow your footsteps by looking at your infrared footprints.
  • Evaluate different types of insulation.
  • Measure the temperature of ice water.

What’s Included

  • 1x FLIR C3 thermal imaging camera
  • 1x Tripod mount
  • 1x Power supply/charger
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Research IR software
  • 1x Access to FLIR education content with lectures, experiments, and teacher guides