Hover Puck

Product Code: SE-7335B


The Hover Puck glides on a self-generated cushion of air across any smooth surface, including low-pile carpet. The rubber bumper provides protection for the puck and other objects during collisions. Each puck includes four “AA” batteries. (Appearance may vary)


  • Inertia Activities — The Hover Puck removes friction from its motion, which helps students better understand Newton’s First Law
  • Newton’s Second Law — Students can apply various forces to the puck and record its acceleration with a Motion Sensor
  • 2D Collisions– Use a video camera with video analysis software to record and analyze the motion of two pucks before and after a collision

What’s Included

  • 1x Hover Puck
  • 1x Four “AA” Batteries

Product Specifications

Diameter 18.5 cm
Height 6.0 cm

Recommended Accessories

PASPORT Motion Sensor PS-2103A
Motion Sensor II CI-6742A
Wireless Motion Sensor PS-3219
Battery Charger and 8 AA Batteries SE-3570