Student Function Generator

Product Code: SF-7208


This affordable alternative to the advanced Function Generator (PI-8127) covers all of the most common experiments.

The function generator is operated with three buttons: Waveform, Frequency, and Amplitude. There is a single output, provided with 4 mm safety sockets. The frequency is displayed on the LCD display.

The output can easily drive a speaker or vibrator with ample amplitude for resonance. The frequency range extends well beyond the audible range. The lowest frequencies are suitable for slow-motion AC experiments.

Unique frequency control

The frequency is set with a speed-sensitive knob that has been designed and tested to work with commonly available physics equipment. If you turn the knob slowly you can fine tune the frequency by setting the final digit but if you turn the knob faster, the frequency setting accelerates smoothly.

Product Specifications

  • sine, triangle, square
Distortion (sine)
  • < 0.25% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • < 1% (0.05 Hz to 50 kHz)
Frequency Range
  • 0.05 Hz to 50.00 kHz
Frequency Deviation
  • < 0.05% (for f > 10 Hz)
Frequency Drift
  • < 0.005%
  • 0 to 7.5 V peak (15 V p-p; 5.3 V RMS)
Maximum Current
  • > 1 A peak (overload protected)
Supply Voltage
  • 12 V (1.5 A) (adapter included)
  • BNC to insulated clips