Geiger Counter

Product Code: SF-7268


The extra sensitive tube (28.6 mm mica window) is suitable for measurements of radon daughters, naturally radioactive minerals, cosmic radiation and other applications where a greater area of sensitivity, greater solid angle or more sensitive volume are desirable. This tube is supplied with a forked holder with a mounting post.

Geiger Counter (SF-7268) is a component of:

Complete Muon Observatory (SF-7278)


  • Counting intervals: 1, 10, 60, or 100 seconds
  • Manual start/stop
  • Repetition and single shot modes
  • LCD digital display
  • Variable GM voltage: 300 V to 700 V in 1 V steps
  • Silent or clicking operation
  • Accepts GM tubes with either BNC or phono plug connectors
  • With optional USB adapter, the GM Counter can be connected to a computer.
  • Battery operated (power adapter is optional)

Product Specifications

Counting Intervals 1, 10, 60, or 100 s
GM Voltage Range 300 V to 700 V in 1V steps
GM Tube Connector Choice BNC or 1/4″ Phono Jack