Significant Figures Set

Product Code: ME-9850


The series of activities included in the Significant Figures Set emphasizes the connection between measurements and significant figures. Students work through a number of situations in which they experience the concepts of accuracy and precision. Through these activities,  students learn the importance of the measuring tool and its role in the uncertainty of measurements. For each activity, student groups are asked to place their measurements and/or calculations along a demonstration number line. The groups can then share their results with the entire class during discussions and presentations.

The Number Line and Data Pointers are laminated for use with dry erase markers.

Perform These Experiments

  • Ball Drop: Students toss small balls on a bulls-eye to discover the relationship between technique and measurements. In addition, the concepts of accuracy and precision are explored.
  • “Forced Error” Measurements: Students use a meter stick that has inaccurate markings to take measurements to reinforce that precise measurements are not always accurate.
  • Mass/Length Measurements: Students use a balance or Four-Scale Meter Stick with imprecise scales to limit the certainty in their measurements.
  • Area/Volume/Density Calculations: Students use a variety of measuring devices to calculate the area, volume, and density of various objects.

What’s Included

  • 1x Yellow Nylon Ball
  • 2x Paper Bullseye
  • 1x Carbon Paper (100 Sheets) (SE-8693)
  • 1x Four Scale Meter Stick (SE-8695)
  • 1x Number Line
  • 1x Data Pointer
  • 1x Meter Stick Label
  • 1x Balance Label