Advanced Nuclear Spectroscopy System

Product Code: SN-7901B


Designed for spectroscopy applications, the Universal Computer Spectrometer (1) offers complete support for standard scintillation detectors together with multi-channel scaling for decay and time-related studies. The multi-channel analyzer contains many advanced features, including computer-controlled amplifier and high voltage for G-M tubes, upper- and lower-level discriminators, data memory, and a comprehensive software package.

The sources are USNRC License Exempt (US only). Outside the US, consult your local laws and regulations.


  • Variable Voltage: A regulated high voltage of 0 to 1280 V is supplied with computer control (1 mA maximum, 5 V increments).
  • Amplifier: On-board combination pre­amp­lifier/amplifier for use with scintillation detectors and PMTs.
  • Complete Computer Control: When used in MCA mode, the software provides complete computer control of all features including preset live/real- time, preset count, unlimited regions-of-interest and centroid, gross and net area calculations.
  • Multiple Memory Buffers: In addition to on-board hardware data memory, the spectrometer provides three software memory buffers for holding spectra. A background spectrum may be collected over a long counting period and stored in the back­ground buffer.
  • Peak Labeling: With ISOMATCH, an isotope library file, users can quickly identify peaks by superimposing characteristic isotope emission lines over their spectrum. Isotope and energy information are also provided.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Universal Computer Spectrometer, USB
  • 1 x NaI (TI) Scintillation Probe
  • 8 x Gamma Sources
  • 1 x Connection Cables
  • 2 x Installation, Instruction, and Experiment CDs

Product Specifications

Physical Hardware Interface card or box includes pre-amplifier, amplifier, detector high voltage, 1024 channel analyzer with data memory, LLD and ULD
ADC Wilkinson-type with 80 MHz clock and computer selected conversion gain of 256, 512, or 1024 channels
High Voltage 0-1280 V, 1 mA maximum Amplifier: Preamplifier/amplifier combination; computer controlled coarse/fine gain from 2x to 1000x
Modes MCA for pulse height analysis, or MCS for half-life decay or other time-related studies
Software Energy Calibration 2-point linear or 3-point quadratic converts cursor position reading directly to energy units
Computer Software Display Vertical scale adjusts from 32 to 16 M and LOG display; horizontal 1024 channels with expansion down to 128 channels
ISOMATCH Software Isotope library text file with peak markers and labeling for overlaying on spectrum for quick isotope identification; library may be edited and expanded.

Connectivity Options

This product can connect directly to your computer or device with the following technologies. No Interface required.

  • Universal Serial Bus (USB)