Time-of-Flight Accessory (NS)

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Product Code: 0047


The newly redesigned version provides the same level of accuracy and repeatability as before but with a more rugged enclosure that will withstand projectile impacts for years and years without issue.

The Time-of-Flight Accessory is designed primarily for free fall or projectile experiments. When a projectile is launched or object dropped, a photogate starts the timing of one of PASCO’s timing systems. When the object hits the plate of the Time-of-Flight Accessory and makes a noise, a signal is sent to the interface to stop the timer. The signal is identical to the signal sent by a blocked photogate.

When used with PASCO’s Projectile Launcher or Mini Launcher, the Time-of-Flight Accessory demonstrates the relationship between time-of-flight, angle, distance, and initial velocity.

The Time-of-Flight Accessory (ME-6810A) is an accessory for the:

Typical Applications

  • Use with all PASCO launchers
  • Conduct freefall experiments

Typical Experiments:

Two Photogate Heads needed for Horizontal Distance experiment.

  • Time-of-Flight Versus Initial Velocity
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Horizontal Velocity is Constant