Wireless Motion Sensor

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The Wireless Motion Sensor measures position, velocity, and acceleration of objects using ultrasound technology and streams the data directly to your devices. False rejection technology means much fewer spikes or discontinuities in your data. Record the motion of objects anywhere from 15 cm to 4 m away from the sensor. The fact that the sensor is wireless means no cables to get in the way which is key for hand held, or ceiling mounted applications.

The Wireless Motion Sensor is also ideal for use with our free MatchGraph! software, an ideal way to teach the concepts of motion, motion graphing and rate of change or slope.

Typical Applications

  • Discover the relationship between position, velocity and acceleration
  • Investigate frames of reference
  • Study Conservation of Energy and Momentum during collisions
  • Monitor the sinusoidal motion of a mass on a spring
  • Measure the motion of large objects, such as students
  • Use it to model ultrasound mapping of the seafloor
  • Study air resistance of falling objects

Special Features

  • Reports position, velocity and acceleration
  • False Target Rejection Technology for clean data
  • Snaps onto PASCO dynamics tracks
  • Mounts directly to rods for easy positioning
  • 360° pivoting head
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Stream data to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, or even smartphones!