Wireless O2 Sensor

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The Wireless Oxygen Gas Sensor measures gaseous O2 concentration as well as humidity and air temperature for a range of biology, environmental science, and physiology activities.

Accurate and easy to use, making it the perfect sensor to study photosynthesis, respiration, and oxygen cycling in the environment. With remote logging experiments can go beyond the lab period and easily give students hours or days of data for analysis. The Wireless Oxygen Gas Sensor also contains sensors to measure ambient temperature and humidity as well as oxygen gas levels.


  • Bluetooth® and USB connectivity
  • 0-100% Oxygen Gas Concentration
  • ±1% Oxygen at constant temperature and pressure
  • Also reports ambient temperature and humidity
  • 2-3 year operating life with replaceable sensing element

No need for an interface.

All PASCO Wireless Sensors connect to computers, Chromebooks, and tablets, through Bluetooth 4. No other equipment required! Our software (SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone) allows students to see and analyze data in real time.

Long lasting, rechargeable battery

The Wireless Oxygen Gas Sensor draws as little current as possible. This provides you with long battery life for lab activities. Our software also displays the battery level at all times. If it dips too low, connect the USB cable to charge while you collect data.