PIGNAT Mini Batch Crystallization – CRA100


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A bench top solution to study the method of control cooling crystallization in a stirred mixture using a batch process

Study of the process of crystallization

  • Seeding of the supersaturated solution

Study of the influence of temperature and agitation on crystallization speed

Dissolution of the solid to re-crystallize

Keep the temperature of the saturated solution

Proposed experiments:

  • Crystallization of inorganic and organic solutions by cooling.
  • Controlled crystallization of copper sulphate.
  • Calculation of materials balances on the crystallized solute.
  • Filtration (optional)

General Specifications:

  • Glass crystallization tank 3L. PVC Flat cover in  polypropylene.
  • Stirrer 3 counter blades.
  • Stainless steel immersed cooling coil.
  • Thermostatic group hot / cold.

Optional equipment for crystal filtration:

  • Büchner filter
  • Vacuum pump

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