PIGNAT 110L Multi-Purpose Manual Reactor – Steam Heating – UPR1510


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Multipurpose unit for:
  • Liquid-liquid mixture
  • Solid-liquid dissolution
  • Evaporation, concentration
  • Reaction, synthesis
  • Distillation
  • Decantation, crystallization

Heating by steam generator

Cooling by water circulation inside the double jacket

Operator training to monitor the process:
  • Unit placed under vacuum
  • Compliance with procedures.
  • Loading through the dropping funnel.
  • Receivers draining under vacuum.
  • Phenomena viewing.
  • Synoptic follow
  • Curves usingUnit cleaning
    Handling report
Follow ‐ up of reaction kinetics
Material balance
Reaction yield
Separation of the products
By distillation
By decantation
By crystallization