TecQuipment Aerofoil With Tappings – AF18

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An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench (not included) to provide the facilities for investigating the pressure distribution around an aerofoil.

This module consists of a duct with transparent front and rear, between which is mounted a symmetrical aerofoil with a NACA profile. The aerofoil has 12 tapping points at various chordwise positions on its surface allowing the pressure to be measured at that point. The tapping points are permanently connected to a manifold mounted on the duct showing the tapping position and number for easy reference.

The experiment mounts on the Air Flow Bench contraction using toggle clamps. Each one of the tappings connects to the AF10a manometer (ancillary) via flexible tubes fitted with quick-release couplings. The aerofoil may be accurately rotated to various angles of incidence (attack) to the air using the control and printed scale on the front of the duct.

Key Features:

  • One of a series of eight experiment modules that fits to the Modular Air Flow Bench (AF10)
  • Provides both a visual and analytical experience for students as the manometer readings clearly show both the pattern and magnitude of the pressure distribution
  • Serves as a useful companion experiment to the Drag Force Apparatus (AF12)
  • Toggle clamp connections to the Modular Air Flow Bench contraction for quick and easy fitment
  • Quick-release couplings and clear printed schematic for rapid and reliable pressure measurement connections to the AF10a Manometer
  • Transparent front and rear to the test duct with a printed scale allows the experiment to be clearly seen and allows the aerofoil angle to be accurately set

Learning Outcomes:

  • The visualisation and measurement of the pressure distribution around an aerofoil section.
  • Lift characteristics and stall angle of an aerofoil.

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