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A 14-tube multi-range water manometer for use with the AF10 Airflow Bench (not included).

The multitube manometer is an ancillary to the AF10 base module and its experiment modules. It fits on or near to the AF10 and connects to pressure tappings on the optional experiment modules. Some experiment modules may only have two or three pressure tappings but others use up to 12 tappings. This makes the multitube manometer essential to see all the pressures at the same time.

The manometer uses clean water as a working fluid for safety and convenience. TecQuipment supply coloured non-toxic dye to add to the water so students can see the water levels more clearly.

A small reservoir to the side of the manometer tubes holds the water. Students can adjust the reservoir height to change the datum of the water levels in the manometers. Adjustable feet allow students to accurately level the manometer before use.

Thumbscrew fixings allow the user to incline the manometer tubes from fully vertical to 80 degrees. This changes the magnification (sensitivity) of the manometer for reading very small changes in pressure.

The User Guide gives details of the magnification factors for different angles. A set of markings to the side of the manometer shows angles in 5 and 10 degrees division.

Key features:

  • For measuring multiple air pressures on the optional modules of the Modular Air Flow Bench
  • Uses water for safety and simplicity
  • Inclinable for increased sensitivity
  • Adjustable height datum and leveling feet
  • Quick-release couplings for ease of use
  • Includes non-toxic coloured dye to see water levels clearly

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