Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Component Set – Closed Loop (Servo) Control


This industrial grade component set allow students to explore the use of a valve for closed-loop control with on-board electronics, and a hydraulic cylinder with load unit and position transducer. The Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Component Set – Closed Loop (Servo) Control corresponds with the “ON/OFF Hydraulics – Manual and Electrical operation (according to BIBB)” and the “Continuous control valve technology – Proportional hydraulics” to achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. understand physical laws of continuous control valves such as pressure difference, opening cross-section and flow,
  2. Get to know and apply the legal regulations and safety requirements,
  3. Apply the most important symbols of closed-loop control hydraulics,
    read circuit diagrams,
  4. Understand the meaning and mode of operation of command value
    presetting, ramp function and signal sequences,
  5. Practice the setting, commissioning and optimization of an electro-hydraulic system,
  6. Determine characteristic values and derive characteristic curves from
  7. Identify disadvantages of an open loop control,
  8. Understand function and importance of the setting of a controller,
  9. Identify the advantages of a control,
  10. Practice the commissioning and optimization of an electro-hydraulic position control circuit with variable loads.

Component List:

  • Load unit, controlled, for dynamic load simulation – R961004486
  • 4/4 valve for closed-loop control 4WRPEH6 with integrated electronics – R961002509
  • 4/2 directional control valve 4WE6C6X/ – R961002547
  • 4/3 directional control valve 4WE6E6X/ – R961002549
  • Pressure relief valve DBDH6G1X/ – R961002520 1 145
  • Pressure reducing valve, direct-operated, DR6DP1-5X/ – R961002544
  • Non-return (check) valve S6A05-1X – R901462818
  • Hydraulic distributor 4 ports – R961002485
  • Manometer 0-100 bar with measuring hose – R961002715
  • Hose line 630 mm – R961002474
  • Hose line 1000 mm with 90° fitting and Minimess port – R961004330 5 173

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