Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Component Set – Proportional Control


This industrial grade component set allow students to explore the use of a proportional directional control valve, and proportional pressure control valve. The Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Component Set – Proportional Control corresponds with the “ON/OFF Hydraulics – Manual and Electrical operation (according to BIBB)” and can be used to explore the following exercises/topics.

Project Exercises/Relevant Topics:

  1. Moving cylinders with external potentiometer as command value presetting
  2. Moving cylinders with SWMA1 command value module as command value presetting
  3. Setting the SWMA1 command value module with 4 command values
  4. Setting the SWMA1 command value module with 4 command values and ramp
  5. Setting the braking distance according to the proximity switch signal
  6. Pressure ratios at the continuous control valve and influence on velocity and braking distance
  7. Setting a motion sequence with 4 quadrants
  8. Setting a sequence with 2 proximity switches
  9. Setting an automatic sequence with 3 proximity switches
  10. Setting the system pressure by means of an external potentiometer
  11. Moving a cylinder with two different pressures
  12. Automatic sequence with continuous pressure control valve

Component List:

  • 1 Differential cylinder CD70F25/16-400 with protective housing – R961003495
  • 1 4/3 directional control valve 4WE6E6X/ – R961002549
  • 1 4/3 proportional directional control valve 4WREE6E08-2X/ with int. elec. and load sim. – R961003533
  • 1 Pressure relief valve DBDH6G1X/ – R961002520
  • 1 Prop. pressure relief valve DBEE6-2X/50 – R961003924
  • 1 Throttle/non-return (check) valve DRV06-1-1X/V – R961002495
  • 1 Non-return (check) valve S6A05-1X – R901462818
  • 3 Manometer 0-100 bar with measuring hose – R961002715
  • 4 Hose line 630 mm – R961002474
  • 3 Hose line 1000 mm with 90° fitting and Minimess port – R961004330

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