PIGNAT Controlled Distillation Unit – OTPDC

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Understand the continuous distillation process on an industrial scale pilot plant for work in fields such as chemical engineering, maintenance, and supervision

The unit is designed as a pilot scale plant. The column can be fed at several levels through the stainless steel intermediate plates placed along the column. The flow transmitters, the temperature sensors, and the available pressure indicators, allow the user to monitor the process and to study the influences of the different parameters and the operating conditions.

The DCS and the software application developed for this unit allow parameter variations, process automation and data acquisition in real time and/or historical.


  • Multi-variable process implementation
  • Determination of over-flooding conditions and packing factor using a hydrodynamic study of a packed column
  • Transparent distillation zones for easy observation of phenomena


  • Transitional phases and setting equilibrium conditions
  • Determination of the optimum operating parameters and investigation of the adjustments of the parameter̍s control:
    • Feed rate
    • Preheating temperature
    • Rate reflux
    • Pressure loss of column

Proposed Experiments:

  • Distillation of binary solution of methanol- water
  • Determination of
    • Column efficiency (using Mac Cabe & Thiele, Fenske’s Law, Ponchon-Savarit method)
    • Mass balance
  • Cleaning and stopping operations

Technical description:

  • 1 glass tank 100 L.
  • 3 gear pumps.
  • Thermosiphon re‐boiler made of a glass shell and a stainless steel tube heat exchanger fed by steam.
  • 2 product glass vessels.
  • A stainless steel pre‐heat exchanger.
  • Column with stainless steel bubble cap trays.
  • Condenser, glass shell and stainless steel tube.
  • Distillate circuit.
  • Pneumatic pump and centrifugal pump for feeding and transfer.
  • Scale and stainless steel welded frame.

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