TecQuipment Hydraulic Ram Pump – H31

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The Hydraulic Ram Pump uses the water hammer effect, where the momentum of a column of moving water in a pipe causes the water hammer.

The ram pump is not a normal mechanically-operated pump. A column of water in the supply (drive) pipe from a header tank, moving at low velocity, is similar to a ‘plunger’. The energy in the plunger forces water from the supply into a delivery pipe. This exchanges the momentum of a large amount of water into energy that pumps a smaller amount of water up a hill or gradient.

The Hydraulic Ram Pump fits onto and works with TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F). The pump also includes a textbook that introduces the reader to all aspects of ram pumps.

The apparatus has three main parts: the header tank, the pump and the interconnecting pipe work. The header tank mounts to a suitable wall.

The pump has:

  • A supply pipe fitted with an inner and outer valve,
  • An air vessel to reduce hydraulic shock, and
  • A delivery section.

The outer valve has a weight platform, for loading with the weights provided which changes the pump’s cycle times.

Key features:

  • Uses water hammer effect to pump water
  • Works with TecQuipment’s Hydraulic Bench for easy installation
  • Air vessel to reduce hydraulic shock
  • Supplied with textbook ‘Hydraulic Ram Pumps’
  • Includes header tank and all necessary pipework
  • Additional weights to adjust cycle times

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstration of the water hammer effect to produce a pumping action


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