Matrix: EASA Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals (Modules 3 and 4)

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    • A complete solution to learning
    • Includes carriers, baseboard and power supply
    • Curriculum included
    • ANSI version available – order code: LK9672A

This solution is designed to fulfil the majority of the learning requirements of the European Safety Agency (EASA) Modules 3 and 4 – electrical fundamentals and electronic fundamentals – for aircraft maintenance engineers. The solution contains all the Locktronics parts needed and 8 separate workbooks covering each of the sub-modules in the specification are available from our resources page.


LK7378 – EASA Electrical Fundamentals 1 (for LK9339)
LK7381 – EASA Electrical Fundamentals 2 (for LK9339)
LK7393 – EASA Electrical Fundamentals 3 (for LK9339)
LK7415 – EASA Electrical Fundamentals 4 (for LK9339)
LK7419 – EASA Electronic Fundamentals 1 (for LK9282)
LK7422 – EASA Electronic Fundamentals 2 (for LK9282)
LK7426 – EASA Electronic Fundamentals 3 (for LK9282)
LK7430 – EASA Electronic Fundamentals 4 (for LK9282)
LK9672A – Bill of Materials