Matrix: Fundamental Fluids

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The study of fluid mechanics and the forces on them is becoming increasingly popular. With applications in a wide range of disciplines, including mechanical, civil, chemical and biomedical engineering, the Fundamental Fluids range from Matrix allows students to gain a hands on understanding of the key principles.

A main workstation is supplied along with sixteen individual components, which allows students to build nine different experiments without the need for any additional tools. Six of the experiments are connected via USB to the pressure and flow sensors, which allows results to be automatically plotted on a graph for analysis. The remaining three experiments are carried out and plotted manually.

Each component is attached to the main workstation with quick release latches, allowing students to quickly build and dismantle each experiment.


  • Rugged metalwork which stands up to an educational setting
  • Full curriculum
  • Space saving solution with easily stored components
  • Controller and Calibration apps available free
  • One kit provides nine individual experiments
  • Hoses with robust rubber gaskets allow reliable sealing