Matrix: Mechanisms Fundamentals

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This set of equipment covers the needs of students studying gears, cranks, different shapes of cam and drive systems integrated with universal joint using chain/belt transmission system.’ Students use the storable work panel (included) to construct a range of experiments, which allow you to study a full course in Mechanisms. A full 10 hour workbook is included free of charge in the Learning Centre for this kit.

Learning objectives

  • Gears (Mechanical Advantage (MA), Efficiency and Gear Ratio):
    • Simple Gear
    • Compound Gear
    • Rack & Pinion Gear
    • Bevel Gear
    • Worm Gear
    • Screw Jack
  • Cams (Displacement Analysis):
    • Tangent Cam
    • Snail Cam
    • Eccentric Cam
  • Crank (Force and Displacement Analysis)
  • Drive System (MA, Efficiency and Gear Ratio)
    • Universal Joint
    • Belt Transmission
    • Chain Transmission

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