TecQuipment Pipework Energy Losses – H34

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This compact bench-top apparatus uses smooth, industry standard plastic pipe, commonly used in domestic and other small-bore water systems.

It works with TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F). Either bench supports the apparatus and circulates and measures the water flowing through it. This apparatus has a single circuit with bends, pressure tappings and an expansion-contraction. A ball valve at the pipe exit controls water flow.

Each pressure tapping point in the pipe connects to a piezometer tube in the vertical panel of the apparatus. During experiments, these tubes measure and compare pressure differences across the bends, expansion and contraction.

A useful diagram on the apparatus shows the main dimensions of the pipework and fittings. It also shows the positions of the tappings and the tubes that they connect to. The product includes a hand-pump to adjust the datum of the piezometer tubes.

This apparatus is a smaller version of TecQuipment’s Losses in Piping Systems (H16), which has two pipe circuits and scope for further project work.

Key features:

  • Compact, easy to fit and easy to use
  • Direct comparison of pressure loss across different pipe fittings and their ‘k’ value
  • Includes three different bends – miter, elbow and large radius
  • Compares losses in a sudden enlargement (or expansion) and a contraction
  • Includes a multi-tube piezometer for fundamental, accurate pressure measurements
  • Works with TecQuipment’s Hydraulic Bench for easy installation and use

Learning outcomes

Measurement and comparison of losses in:

  • Mitre bend
  • Elbow bend
  • Large radius bend
  • Sudden expansion
  • Sudden contraction


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