TecQuipment Process Trainer – CE117

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A fully integrated and self-contained bench top process control apparatus containing valves, pumps, power supplies and ancillaries to allow flow, level, temperature and pressure control strategies to be investigated individually and in combinations.

TecQuipment’s Process Trainer is an educational package that mimics industrial process engineering. The fully integrated, self-contained teaching apparatus gives a comprehensive range of process control experiments, from basic to advanced. Using water as the working fluid, the equipment allows safe, practical experiments on control of flow, liquid level, temperature and pressure. Students can study each of these separately or in combinations.

The equipment consists of an experiment module, a control module and TecQuipment’s CE2000 software.

The experiment module includes all the essential parts to allow students to create process control systems. The main part is the process vessel, with a stirrer, a temperature sensor, level and pressure sensors, a heat exchanger and vent valve. It also includes two loops, linked by the heat exchanger in the process vessel. One loop is the heating loop with pump, heater tank and heater. The other loop is a process and cooling loop with pump, cooler, fan, valves and reservoir.

The control module links to the experiment module to provide access to the connections of each part on the experiment module. It includes a clear mimic diagram with switches and controls to allow manual control of pump speed, cooler-fan speed, heater power and stirrer. It also includes sockets and a built-in computer interface. This allows the user to link each part of the experiment module to a suitable computer (not included) for remote control and data acquisition.

Supplied with the equipment is TecQuipment’s Control Software (CE2000, see separate datasheet) for supervisory control of the CE117 and data acquisition. You need a suitable computer to use the CE2000 software.

Key features:

  • Self-contained, bench-mounting apparatus
  • Includes four basic process control methods in one compact unit
  • Supplied with TecQuipment’s CE2000 software for supervisory control of the process with data acquisition
  • Mimics common industrial parts and processes with realistic results
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations and student experiments
  • Shows flow control, level control, pressure control and temperature control by feedback
  • Includes experiments from basic control to advanced control methods, including ratio control, cascade control, interactive control and feed-forward control

Learning outcomes:

  • Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) control
  • Control of flow
  • Control of level
  • Control of pressure
  • Control of temperature
  • Ratio control
  • Cascade control
  • Multi-loop control
  • Interacting control loops


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