TecQuipment Control Software – CE2000

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Control software operating in an icon based graphical environment under Windows on a PC to enable the visual design creation and operation of a variety of computer generated virtual controller filter and data acquisition system configurations. The powerful and flexible nature of the software allows investigations into a wide variety of engineering systems requiring different controller solutions to achieve the required levels of operation. Fully compatible with the TecQuipment Control Engineering Range physical models – CE103 to CE110 – and all other compatible equipment.

Key features:

  • Powerful simulation, control and data acquisition software for use with selected products from TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range
  • Software only – needs no extra circuit boards in your computer
  • Includes a range of ready-made fuzzy logic and control blocks, such as proportional, integral and derivative blocks
  • Collected data can be shown and printed as a chart or exported for use in other programs
  • Real time display of variables by virtual meters, virtual chart recorders or virtual oscilloscopes
  • Easy-to-create control circuits made by linking together drag-and-drop icons
  • Users can create their own circuits and save them, or use the ready-made circuits supplied
  • Includes ready-made blocks that simulate first and second order systems
  • Includes blocks that work as function generators, with a full range of output signals

Learning outcomes

Software only:

The CE2000 user guide shows students how to use the software and how to build and test common control systems, such as:

  • Design and implementation of three-term controllers
  • Design of controllers and filters –

Software and hardware:

When used with other products from TecQuipment’s CE range:

  • Thermal Control (CE103)
  • Level Control (CE105)
  • Ball and Beam Control (CE106)
  • Engine Speed Control (CE107)
  • Coupled Drives Control (CE108)
  • Ball and Hoop Control (CE109)
  • Servo Control (CE110)
  • Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature Control (CE117)


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