TecQuipment Coupled Drives Apparatus – CE108

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A compact self-contained bench mounting apparatus designed to allow students at all academic levels to investigate basic and advanced principles of control including control of multi-variable systems.

The CE108 Coupled Drives apparatus shows the problems of controlling speed and tension in coupled drives. Many applications use coupled drives, for example: magnetic tape drives, textile machines and paper mills.

The apparatus has two electric motors, coupled by a continuous flexible belt. The belt also passes over a swinging arm with a ‘jockey wheel’ that measures the belt speed and tension. A manual control allows the user to adjust the spring tension at the swinging arm.

The basic control problem is to vary the torque in the motors to regulate the belt speed and tension. The user guide also shows techniques for speed and tension control, simultaneous control of velocity and tension, and analysis of multivariable control systems.

Key features:

  • Self-contained and compact bench-mounting unit that shows basic speed control and advanced multi-variable control
  • Coupled drives show the problems of speed and tension control
  • Mimics many industrial and household applications with realistic results
  • All inputs and outputs buffered for connection to TecQuipment’s optional controllers or other suitable controllers
  • Front panel includes a mimic diagram of the process so that students can see what they are controlling

Learning outcomes:

  • Independent control of speed and tension
  • Simultaneous control of speed and tension
  • Practical methods of controlling multi-variable electromechanical systems


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