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A self-contained analogue and computer-based controller designed to support practical investigations into the basic and advanced principles of control engineering at all academic levels.

The CE120 Controller is for use with most products in TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range, but it will work with any other compatible laboratory equipment.

This compact unit has analogue electronic circuits connected in blocks. These blocks mimic the important parts of industrial controllers. Clear diagrams on the front panel of the controller show the blocks, each of which has its own set of connection sockets. The user connects the blocks in any way that they need and then connects them to their chosen products in the CE range.

The blocks include:

  • Proportional and integral blocks
  • A complete three-term PID (proportional, integral, derivative) block
  • Fully adjustable potentiometers that can work as setpoints or attenuators
  • A function generator and digital voltmeter
  • Summing junctions
  • Phase lead

The controller also includes an interface with D/A (digital to analogue) and A/D (analogue to digital) connections. This allows the user to connect their product from the CE range to a suitable computer (not supplied) for computer control and data acquisition. The controller includes a copy of TecQuipment’s CE2000 Control Software (see separate datasheet for details).

The Controller is a more advanced alternative to the CE122 Interface, as it has the additional analogue control features.

Key features:

  • Compact, bench-mounting unit that includes all the important parts of a process controller
  • Easy to connect, low-voltage inputs and outputs are buffered for educational use
  • Full range of control blocks including proportional, integral and a complete PID
  • Includes an interface for computer control (with data acquisition) of TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range
  • Front panel has clear diagrams that mimic parts of the controller, so students can see and understand what they connect
  • Supplied with TecQuipment’s Control Software (CE2000) for control and data acquisition
  • Includes digital meter to measure voltages and show the frequencies from the on-board function generator

Learning outcomes

When used with other products in the CE range:

  • Temperature (thermal) control
  • Level control
  • Engine speed control
  • Servo control
  • Coupled drive control
  • Ball and beam control
  • Ball and hoop control


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