TecQuipment Engine Speed Control Apparatus – CE107

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A compact self-contained bench mounting apparatus designed to allow students at all academic levels to investigate basic and advanced principles of control including control of non-linear systems and inner-loop feedback techniques.

The CE107 Engine Speed Control Apparatus shows the problems of regulating the speed of rotating machines, especially problems with non-linear control systems. It is a scale-model engine, driven by compressed air (not supplied) for safety. The basic purpose is to adjust a motorized valve to regulate the engine speed under load. A d.c. generator connects to the engine output and loads the engine.

More advanced experiments show:

  • Non-linearity compensation using dither signals
  • Multiple loop and minor loop feedback
  • System modeling from step response information
  • P I control and root locus methods

The engine dynamics are similar to those of a typical ignition compression engine coupled to a dynamometer-controlled test bed. It is an ideal physical model to help engineering students at all academic levels to gain invaluable practical experience.

Key features:

  • Self-contained and compact bench-mounting unit to show problems of speed control in non-linear systems
  • Small-scale compressed air-powered piston engine to mimic a full-size engine with realistic results
  • Front panel includes a mimic diagram of the process so students can see what they are controlling
  • For basic and advanced experiments with speed control and non-linearity compensation
  • All inputs and outputs buffered for connection to TecQuipment’s optional controllers or other suitable controllers

Learning outcomes:

  • The use of dither signals in the compensation of system non-linearities
  • The measurement of system dynamics from step response information
  • Inner loop feedback compensation
  • P I controller design


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