TecQuipment Multivariable Coupled Tanks – CE105MV

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A compact self-contained bench mounting apparatus designed to allow students at all academic levels to investigate basic and advanced principles of open and closed-loop control of flow rate and liquid level in single and dual tank systems including multi-variable dynamics.

The CE105MV Multivariable Coupled Tanks Apparatus gives extra experiments. It is similar to the CE105 but with a second pump and flow meter. This pump forces water into the right-hand tank and works independently of the other pump. This gives more advanced experiments into the principles of multivariable control (both pumps work together to give the correct levels in the two tanks simultaneously).

Key features:

  • Self-contained and compact bench-mounting unit that mimics a real industrial process
  • Option for second pump with second flow meter to allow multi-variable (MV) operation (CE105MV)
  • Level control of one and two tanks
  • Front panel includes mimic diagram of the process so students can see what they are controlling
  • All inputs and outputs buffered for connection to TecQuipment’s optional controllers or other suitable controllers
  • Includes rotameter-type flow meter so students can see the flow rate

Learning outcomes:

  • Calibration of transducer and actuator circuits
  • System dynamics in process systems
  • Design and operation of analogue proportional, proportional integral, or proportional integral differential control controllers
  • Steady-state errors and closed-loop transient responses
  • Ziegler/Nichols controllers tuning rules
  • Multivariable control
  • Step-change tuning
  • State feedback
  • Flow control

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