TecQuipment Propeller Turbine – MFP101C

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Propeller Turbine for use with the MFP101 Centrifugal Pump Module.

The Propeller Turbine is an inward flow reaction turbine, similar to a Kaplan design, but with fixed blades. It is a very common turbine and works best with high flow rates. Its moving part (runner) is a propeller, similar to those that push ships and submarines through water.

The turbine has adjustable guide vanes that control the water flow in the turbine. They also direct the water at an angle to the back of the propeller. Students learn how the guide vane setting affects how the turbine works. The turbine has a clear viewing window around the guide vanes and a clear draft tube so that students can see the turbine working.

Key features:

  • Optional turbine that fits on the Turbine Dynamometer (MFP101a) of the Centrifugal Pump Module (MFP101)
  • Inward flow reaction turbine
  • Four-blade propeller
  • Fully adjustable guide vanes
  • Clear viewing window around the guide vanes
  • Flexible inlet pipe with inlet pressure tapping

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