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The 32-Way Pressure Display Unit is an optional ancillary to TecQuipment’s modular Subsonic Wind Tunnels (AF1300, AF1450, AF1600)). It measures and displays up to 32 pressures from models, Pitot-static tubes and other measuring instruments fitted to a wind tunnel. It is ideally suited to applications where multiple pressure measurements are required, for example in boundary layer and tapped aerofoil model investigations.

The unit mounts onto the control and instrumentation frame of the (AF1300, AF1450, AF1600) wind tunnels. Connection to each of the 32 calibrated pressure transducers is via quick-release pressure inputs mounted on the front panel of the unit. This allows easy and quick connection between the unit and an experiment mounted in a wind tunnel. All pressures are measured with respect to atmosphere.

The unit has an integral liquid crystal display with a scroll switch that allows all 32 channels to be viewed in groups of four at any time.

The conditioned outputs of the pressure sensors, and any other connected compatible electronic instruments, may be output to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®, available separately) to allow computer based data acquisition and display. Using VDAS® enables accurate real-time data capture, monitoring, display, calculation and charting of all relevant parameters on a suitable computer (computer not included). When the 32-Way Pressure Display Unit is used with the system it allows laboratory time to be used more efficiently because data can be captured and processed much more quickly than when using manual techniques. The facility in the software to average data to remove the fluctuations inherent in wind tunnel measurements, enhances the quality of the results by making their interpretation much easier. This option provides significant experimental advantages over conventional instruments such as manometers