TecQuipment Vane Pump – MFP103C

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For use with the Positive Displacement Pump Module (MFP103) this pump is ideal for student experiments, demonstrations and projects.

The vane pump is a positive displacement pump. It has a fixed displacement balanced vane that delivers a given volume of fluid (oil) for each full rotation of the pump shaft.

The pump rotation determines the flow direction, but you only test the pump in one direction, determined by the Universal Dynamometer.

Self-sealing connections reduce oil spillage and simplify installing the pump to the pump module.

Key features:

  • Popular design pump for use with TecQuipment’s Positive Displacement Pump Support Module (MFP103)
  • Quick-release, self-sealing connections for simple and safe fitting
  • Shows the characteristics of a vane pump

Learning outcomes:

  • Performance and characteristics of a vane pump
  • Volumetric and overall efficiencies
  • Use of an oval gear flowmeter

When two or more optional pumps are ordered:

  • Comparison of positive displacement pumps (economy, flow rate and output pressure pulses)

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