We are thrilled to announce that the //code.Node Solution Set has won a Bett Award! Based in London, the Bett Awards are an international celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation found throughout educational technology. It is truly an honor to have our innovation in STEM coding recognized among the best and brightest in educational technology. You can check out the judges’ comments below!

The //code.Node Solution Set provides teachers with a revolutionary method for engaging students in coding and computational thinking in science learning. Rather than simply teaching students how to code, the //code.Node Solution Set skillfully scaffolds coding into essential science concepts, making it easy for students to build a wide range of competencies as they use code to investigate, measure, and analyze scientific phenomena.

The complete set includes a //code.Node, a //code.Node Holder, SPARKvue software with Blockly coding, a digital teacher’s manual, and an interactive, browser-based flipbook with embedded videos and reading for students. Browse the Flipbook for free here.

Here’s what the judges at the 2021 Bett Awards had to say about the //code.Node Solution Set:

This compact device, with its many built-in sensors offers versatility across STEM subjects and many opportunities for students to learn through hands on activities which relate to everyday science. The support videos embedded in the manual are also helpful for teachers to gain ideas for use in lessons.

Since entering the 2021 Bett Awards, we’ve continued our innovation with STEM Sense — an exciting new line of ready-to-use solutions designed to help educators integrate computational thinking, crosscutting concepts, and career awareness into science learning. You can explore our growing line of STEM Sense solutions here.