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High School Physics Recommended Equipment

Smart Cart Basic System


The carts can measure position, velocity, and acceleration along the path the cart is traveling. The attached hook is a force sensor that can measure +/- force to 100 N. This system can be used extensively to teach kinematics, and Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Because it can measure angular velocity it is great for a study of circular motion.

Super Pulley with Clamp


This pulley clamps onto the end of the dynamics track and has very low friction. It can be used in experiments like Newton’s Second Law when the goal is to accelerate a cart on the track with a constant unbalanced force such as would be obtained by connecting a string to the cart, running it over the pulley and attaching a hook and mass to the other end.

550 Universal Interfce


Capable of high sampling rates of up to 2MHZ on one channel. Has a built-in signal generator with an output of up to +/- V at a current of 400 mA. The frequency range is DC to 100 kHz. Schools that purchase this device need not purchase separate signal generators or oscilloscopes. Accepts all Science Workshop and PasPort sensors.

Shoot the Target


This target can be placed so that the ball will strike the target as it falls every time no matter what the launch velocity.

Smart Gate System


Makes it possible to measure launch velocity and time of flight for projectile launcher ball.

Field Mapper Kit


Plot equipotential lines about different configurations of charged points and shapes.

Light, Colour, and Optics Kit


Deals with a number of experiments in introductory optics including reflection refraction, Snell’s Law, critical angle, and image characteristics.

Mechanical Wave Driver


Can be used with UI-5001 to demonstrate standing waves in a stretched string and resonance in special attachments that are available.

Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor


Measures +/- 50 N and has a higher resolution than the force sensor on the smart cart. The sensor can be used in place of a force scale and when used in pairs can be used to verify Newton’s Third Law of motion. The built in 3 axis gyroscope allows it to measure angular velocity so circular motion can be studied. 

Discover Free Fall System


Determine g and investigate air resistance.

Rotating Platform


Useful for experiments like studying circular motion when used together with the smart cart system.

Projectile Launcher


Launch a rubber ball with one of three different velocities at any angle between 0 and 90 above the horizontal. Launches are repeatable.

Modular Circuits Kit


Contains components needed for basic electric circuit experiments such as simple circuits, Ohm’s Law, Series and Parallel circuits

High Sensitivity Light Sensor


Use with OS-8534A, OS-8535A, and PS-2120A to make measurements on a two-point interference pattern or a single slit diffraction pattern.

Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor


Measures angle, angular velocity, and angular acceleration, as well as their linear equivalents.

Wireless Voltage Sensor


Measures voltage in two ranges +/- 15 V, +/- 5V. Maximum sampling rate is 1000 Hz.

Wireless Current Sensor


Measures currents in two ranges: +/1  A, +/- 0.1 A.  Maximum sampling rate is 1 kHz.

Wireless Light Sensor


Four sensors in one:

  • Ambient lux
  • Ultraviolet and infrared
  • Detect RGB colours separately
  • Measure PAR and irradiant light

Metal Resonance Strips


Use with wave driver SF-9324 and interface UI-5001

Chladni Plates


Use with wave driver SF-9324 and interface UI-5001 to show complex resonating patterns that arise in a metal plate forced to vibrate at different frequencies

Aperture Bracket


Use with OS-8535A, PS-2176, and PS-2120A to make measurements on a two-point interference pattern or a single slit diffraction pattern

Diffraction Kit


An accessory for PASCO’s Basic Optics Systems (OS-8515C). Supports most diffraction experiments with 26 possible slit patterns.

Dynamics Track Optics Carriages


Mount optical component on dynamics track to use with EP-3558

Linear Translator


Use with OS-8534A, PS-2176, and PS-2120A to make measurements on a two-point interference pattern or a single slit diffraction pattern.

Snakey (2 m spring)


Useful for student experiments involved in investigating the properties of waves like interference and reflection from fixed and free ends as well as modes of vibrations for standing waves.

Double Length Slinky


Useful for demonstrating various wave properties.

Hooked Mass Set


Useful for a variety of labs where masses must be added.

Triple Output Power Supply


Useful for a variety of applications such as the use of the field mapper kit and circuit work.

Tuning Fork Set


Forks cover an octave range and can be used for resonance and other activities.

Resonance Air Column with Speaker


A detailed study of resonance in an air column (both open and closed).

Wireless Sound Sensor


Two sensors in one:

  • Sound wave sensor – measures changes in relative pressure level
  • Sound level sensor – with dBA and dBC weighted scales.

Bar Magnets


Use to study fields about magnets and electromagnetic induction.

Wireless Magnetic Field Sensor


Senses the Earth’s magnetic field, magnetic fields from current-carrying coils, and permanent magnets.

Variable Gap Magnet


Very powerful magnet with an adjustable gap. Excellent for a wide range of demonstrations involving magnetism.

Meter Stick


Small A Base


Threaded Rod


Right Angle Clamp


Buret/Utility Clamp


Pendulum Clamp


Universal Table Clamp


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  • A big thanks for all the help and support you provided – I want to take some time to say a big thanks for all the help and support you provided me to select the best equipment in order to make the best possible use of the funds available. It is really exceptional that you happily connected with me multiple times even during the weekend and was always motivated to help. Please accept my big thanks for this.

    Gurpreet Sidhu | Physics Instructor | University College of North | The Pas, MB

  • Wireless Spectrometer Big Hit With Students – PASCO’s wireless spectrometer has been utilized very well by our earth science and physical science teachers. It’s an excellent piece of equipment and we have very much enjoyed its addition to enriching our classroom. It definitely brings students to a higher level of understanding wave interaction at a molecular level.

    Matt Tumbach | Secondary Instructional Technology Leader | Tommy Douglas Collegiate | Saskatoon, SK

  • Excellent Smart Cart – I thought the cart was excellent. The quick sampling rate for force will be very useful for momentum and collision labs we do. I’m recommending we include this in our order for next school year.

    Reed Jeffrey | Science Department Head | Upper Canada College | Toronto ON

  • Your lab equipment is of the highest quality and technical support is always there to help. During the 25 years we have used a wide array of lab equipment including computer interfacing. Your Pasco line has a high profile in our lab and will continue to do so far into the future.

    Bob Chin | Lab Technician | Kwantlen Polytechnic University | Surrey, BC

  • Datalogging Activities are Cross-Curricular

    Throughout the province of Nova Scotia, PASCO’s probeware technology has been merged with the rollout of the new P-6 curriculum. We chose a number of sensors for use with our project-based activities. Both the functionality and mobility of PASCO’s dataloggers enable students to collect authentic, real-world data, test their hypotheses and build knowledge.

    Mark Richards | Technology Integration Consultant | Annapolis Valley R.S.B. | Nova Scotia

  • We have a large number of PASCO wireless spectrometers and love how they have improved the learning experience for our students.

    Shawn McFadden | Technical Specialist | Ryerson University | Toronto, Ontario

  • During distance learning due to COVID-19 school shut down, I was given a short window to collect what I could from my classroom to teach online. The PASCO wireless sensors and Smart Carts were my top priority to collect to implement distance learning. By sharing experimental data with students via SPARKVue, the sensors were pivotal in creating an online experience that still allowed students to grow with their lab skills. It was easy to record videos of the data collection and share the data with my students. They did a phenomenal job examining and interpreting the data.

    Michelle Brosseau | Physics Teacher | Ursuline College Chatham | Chatham, Ontario

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