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Electrical Engineer, Ryan Langdon and Export Manager, Adnane Rifai, headed to Dammam in Saudi Arabia for the installation, commissioning and training for the Electrical Power Systems.

TecQuipment supplied the Power Systems Trainer (PSS1).

“After using TecQuipment’s Power System Trainer for some time, we are exceptionally pleased with its quality, operation and functionality. It really does embody all elements of a full electrical power system with a high concentration on educational value throughout the product design. This is a very effective teaching aid for power engineers.”

University of Trinidad and Tobago

Delivering state-of-the-art power systems training to future engineers in the Caribbean.

TecQuipment supplied the Electrical Power Systems Trainer (PSS1) and SCADA.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) aims to produce highly trained and qualified technological personnel to meet the needs of the country. In 2004, TecQuipment delivered, installed and commissioned one of our largest, most sophisticated and successful products into the university. The equipment, a Power Systems Trainer, was the first of its kind in the region. Funded through the Caribbean Development Bank, it allows the university to achieve full accreditation for its Engineering degree programme.

A key aim of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is to meet the country’s increasing demand for a highly trained and qualified technological manpower base. As technology has changed over the years to suit the evolving global environment, so too have the human resource needs of Trinidad and Tobago.

Before delivering the product, some key staff from UTT visited TecQuipment at their head office in the UK. Here, they received full training on the effective implementation and use of the product.

Training Certificate Award
Simon Woods presenting training certificate to Moti Ramsingh

The Power Systems Trainer was developed in close consultation with academia, including a leading, world-renowned expert in power systems who delivered some of the training. For their future reference, the equipment was supplied with fully comprehensive teaching, technical and support material written specifically to ensure users at all levels get the very best from the equipment.

When the product reached UTT, TecQuipment fully installed and commissioned the product, ensuring it was running to UTT’s complete satisfaction before leaving it in their hands. UTT had set aside a room which was to be used solely for power systems training using the Power Systems Trainer.

Lecturers and qualified technicians were familiarised with the equipment to ensure they could use and maintain it in the years to come. In addition, TecQuipment included a parts and labour agreement with the product, so that in the unlikely event of any problem occurring, a call to TecQuipment’s dedicated Customer Care Manager would be the first step in getting a quick, effective and convenient resolution.

The Power Systems Trainer has been in successful operation at UTT since October 2004, and has helped many students achieve their academic and training goals.

Recently, John Joseph, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at UTT, said:

“After using TecQuipment’s Power Systems Trainer for some time, we are exceptionally pleased with its quality, operation and functionality. It really does embody all elements of a full electrical power system with a high concentration on educational value throughout the product design. This is a very effective teaching aid for power engineers.”

TecQuipment is sure this product will be of great educational value to the university for many years to come. Meanwhile, TecQuipment continues to develop its leading range of Electrical Power Systems teaching products, as well as technical teaching products in many other areas.

University of Trinidad and Tobago have fantastic facilities and have continued to expand and develop since this project back in 2004.  If you would like to find out more about their Utilities Programmes in the Engineering Department, find out more on UTT’s website.

Good afternoon! My name is Maayan and I am AYVA’s newest University of Guelph coop student. Some of you may have seen my smiling face (pictured on the left) at York University for the past few days for the CSME 2018 conference.

The CSME conference covered topics from fluid mechanics to materials to nanotechnology, and even had a presentation on integrating design and research is aerospace engineering by the NSERC chair in aerospace design engineering from Concordia University.

My favorite presentation was about cleaning up space debris around earth for future space activities, done with deorbiting technology, by professor George Zhu who is the York research chair in Space Technology. There was also a passionate panel presentation celebrating women’s leadership in mechanical engineering with four amazing leaders and engineers.

Walking through the beautiful Bergeron Engineering Centre, it was incredible to see all the demos of exciting engineering products, from the 3D imaging and infrared cameras to the sepsis blood sample identification machine. Discussing and demonstrating our TecQuipment Bending Moments in a Beam (located between me and Fazal) and the PASCO Materials Testing System (left of me) was an educational experience for me (and hopefully for the conference-goers as well J) and I hope to be able to return next year!

If you would like more information, feel free to send us an email, or call us directly. I’m always happy to speak with people.


After initially supplying the Power Systems Trainer to Hanoi University of Technology, TecQuipment was delighted to be able to work with them again to upgrade the Trainer with new features and components.

TecQuipment had an important visit from Dr Viet and Professor Ut of the Electrical Department of the Hanoi University of Technology in Vietnam. They were with us at Head Office to approve an upgrade to their Power Systems Trainer (PSS1), originally built by TecQuipment and dispatched to them in 2003. The upgrade was necessary due to limitations that could not be resolved on site in Hanoi.

The politics of the situation meant that TecQuipment had to make things right for these customers – down to every last detail. Adrian Wint, TecQuipment’s electrical engineering specialist, was commissioned as the man for the job.

Hanoi University and the TecQuipment Team
Dr. Viet, Prof. Ut and TecQuipment team

The Power System was brought back to TecQuipment for the upgrade and Adrian Wint and the electrical team worked all hours to complete the upgrade before the Vietnamese academics arrived. Adrian Wint even worked at Head Office over the Christmas break to make sure that things were just right.

Dr Viet and Professor Ut were shown the improvements to their PSS1 and taken through its whole range of recommended experiments. The customers agreed and were taken for a tour around Nottingham University, Nottingham City Centre and Loughborough University.

The following day, the visitors were very happy that TecQuipment had met all their needs and were now anxiously looking forward to using their fully modernized PSS1 to train their students back at the university.  Find out more about Hanoi University of Technology and their teaching and research facilities.

The AYVA Team headed to Austin for the 23rd annual ‘NI Week’ hosted by National Instruments, our newest Academic Partner.

We attended sessions focusing on Circuits and Design, Wireless Communication, the Internet of Things (IOT) and Mechatronics – to name just a few.


We also explored ways to maximize student laboratory time and to drive project-based learning outcomes.  Several educators who were transforming their teaching labs using products from the NI Ecosystem were in attendance to share their successes.

It was a first-class event and we hope to identify a few academic thought leaders who can accompany us next year for NI Week 2018!

We were pleased to host Alex Shum, the Chair of Mechanical Engineering at NAIT in Edmonton and to introduce the latest Educational Robotics Bundle from KUKA. We visited KUKA Canada’s new office in Mississauga where we spent time in their training center and reviewing the new ready-to-go curriculum tied directly to the manipulatives included in the Robotics Cell. Once instructors complete the Programming Courses at KUKA College they are able to then provide their students with the official KUKA Certification upon completion of their course. In the afternoon we headed to the University of Toronto to visit their state-of-the-art Robotics Lab which includes 6 Robot Cells!

Pictured above, are Alex Shum, Chair of Mechanical Engineering at NAIT, with Dianne Beveridge and Fazal Mulla from our AYVA Team.

What better time of year to visit schools than right before the students
return. AYVA’s Western Territory Manager, Jason, recently came back from a
series of visits in Manitoba and Alberta. As you can see, many of the
schools were still as busy as ever hosting young scientists. As part of
their summer camp program, the University of Calgary led little campers
through a series of demonstrations, including the PIGNAT Spray Dryer. JM and
Paige have also worked hard to offer some recommendations to make the unit
even better. We rely on the great feedback from our customers and friends to
continually improve our solutions.
In Winnipeg and Brandon MB, many faculty members were just returning back
from vacations and it was a great time to reconnect after some relaxation.
We hope that the summer has refreshed and reinvigorated all you educators
out there for the start of the new school year. Our entire team at AYVA
welcomes you back and we look forward to reconnecting soon.

Cardiff University truly has a showcase Electrical Power Systems laboratory.  TecQuipment have been supplied the department with specialist training equipment covering topics such as generation, transmission and grid protection.

TecQuipment supplied an Electrical Power System Trainer and a range of Power System Laboratory equipment.

TecQuipment was very pleased to be associated with a world leading laboratory for undergraduate teaching and post-graduate research following the installation, commissioning and training of our Power Systems Trainer at Cardiff University – Cardiff School of Engineering.

The equipment includes the PSS1 Power Systems Trainer and the PSS3 Second Generator.

These will be used by some of the leading research groups in the UK including:

  • The Institute of Advanced Materials and Energy Systems
  • The High Voltage Research Centre of Excellence
  • Electrical Energy Tech Research Group
  • Centre for Integrated Renewable Energy Generation and Supply

Since the purchase and installation of the Power System Trainer, we have continued to help Cardiff University develop their laboratory with further specialist equipment.  The department now has three units from the Power System Laboratory range, for training in:

Training on the Power Systems at Cardiff University

Cardiff University are at the forefront of developing new and more efficient ways of utilising the electrical power generated by the National Grid and we take great pride in playing a part in the future development of our Electrical Power Generation Industry.  Find out more about their resources and courses on the School of Engineering website.


Last week, Regis Rodriguez, the product specialist from Lyon, France was onsite to commission the new Mixed Adsorption Desorption: Gas & Liquid Adsorption, the latest addition to their state-of-the-art labs. Paige’s labs already boast a Spray Dryer and a Controlled Reverse Osmosis from this world-class industrial manufacturer.

AYVA has partnered with PIGNAT to equip Chemical Engineering as well as Environmental Engineering Labs at colleges and universities across Canada. Customers appreciate the quality and industrial components but what impresses them most is PIGNAT’s willingness to customize the products to best suit their needs. Educators can choose whether to be trained in France or to have an experienced chemical engineer from PIGNAT conduct on-site training.

Click here for an overview of PIGNAT’s training equipment.

Mixed Adsorption Desorption: Gas & Liquid Adsorption
Spray Dryer
Controlled Reverse Osmosis

"I’m very pleased with the fast and professional service that I’ve received from AYVA Educational Solutions. I am able to contact an AYVA representative any day of the week and receive a prompt response. AYVA’s representatives are happy and willing to accommodate any changes, modifications and suggestions. I highly recommend using AYVA Educational Services to meet your educational needs."

Sonny Hegde
SAIT Polytechnic

"I have used AYVA wireless dataloggers in my biomedical labs and found that the reliable signal processing capability was well suited to my research requirements. I appreciated the prompt delivery and the excellent service that I received from your team before and after the sale. I am hoping to purchase additional units."

Dr. Pierre Savard
École Polytechnique de Montreal

"We appreciate Pignat's willingness to partner with the university to customize a pilot training system that fits both our needs - and our budget. I want to thank AYVA for arranging a visit to Pignat's factory in France so I could meet the design engineers and see first-hand the attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process. I especially want to thank my hosts at Pignat for their hospitality during my stay in Lyon. I really had a good time testing our CO2 absorption/stripping unit and seeing all the nice equipment in the plant."

Dr. John Zhang
University of Waterloo

"TecQuipment's structures line was chosen to enhance the learning experience of our engineering students. The products were delivered in a timely manner and were easy to set up. After-sales support has been very accommodating, allowing us to modify the experiment manuals as we saw fit, giving us flexibility in learning objectives. Students have shown great interest, and have found operating the units to be easy and simple."

Riad Rajab
York University

"AYVA has provided us with excellent support in getting training equipment that will enhance our chemical engineering labs. We have had the opportunity to work with their knowledgeable staff as well as representatives from TecQuipment and PIGNAT. We especially appreciated Sean McLaughlin, Technical Services Manager’s time and expertise when we purchased the H83 from TecQuipment. He was extremely responsive and resourceful during the on-site installation."

Sivasubramaniam Ganeshalingam
University of Waterloo

"Out of all the data acquisition systems I'm aware of, nothing approaches the convenience of the PASCO 850 interface. Between the broad range of available sensors and the simplicity of starting data acquisition, a wide range of tasks that would be incredibly complicated otherwise can be automated in minutes ... We have dedicated computers and 850 interfaces at each station in our labs so that data acquisition can be accomplished easily by our students whenever needed."

Gideon Humphrey
University of Toronto

"In recent years, there has been a growing demand for engineering equipment in the undergraduate labs at the University of Guelph as we have expanded our program. AYVA has been proactive and assisted us diligently in addressing all our equipment needs. We now proudly showcase both PASCO and TecQuipment products in our teaching labs. The quality of the equipment and teaching material is exceptional. AYVA offers a broad range of equipment well suited to our various engineering disciplines and we look forward to exploring their extended product offering in the future."

Dr. Shohel Mahmud
University of Guelph

"Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulics bench is really great! Robust, easy to use, and it offers the possibility to expand and add components to keep up with new technologies. My students are always motivated while working with the bench and I now understand why it has such a strong reputation. It is impossible to regret this purchase!"

Marc Boudreau
Kativik School Board


"I have worked with the AYVA team since they launched in 2008 to equip our Science and Engineering labs. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that we were prepared to meet our curricular goals and deadlines. I have been impressed by the breadth and quality of the lines they represent. We have purchased both PASCO and TQ equipment to enhance our teaching labs."

Andrew Orton
Sheridan College

"I have worked with the AYVA team to upgrade my Mechanical Engineering lab. We have not only been provided with excellent pre-sale service but we also received valuable support after we placed our order. We were provided access to a number of resources which we were able to use to develop our own customized labs for the students. The structures equipment from TecQuipment is being used to teach student groups in several courses at the undergraduate level. There is minimal setup required and students are easily able to switch between experiments. The excellent quality of the TQ manuals has enabled us to design our labs with relative ease. The equipment was delivered on schedule and the AYVA team has been very diligent in following up and providing us with the resources we need in a timely fashion."

Dr. H.J. Kwon
University of Waterloo

"I am a long-time user of TecQuipment products - in particular the Modular Structures Range as well as other Materials Testing equipment. I find the modules (over 10) very easy to set up and, more importantly, my students find them extremely easy to use as they move from station to station conducting a wide variety of measurements related to structures and materials. Each experiment can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes and I can accommodate several students working in groups of three. It is a great addition to both my Basic Structures and Hyperstatic Structures courses."

Dr. Gérard Poitras
University of Moncton

"Our mechanical engineering department recently wanted to upgrade our Gas Dynamics Laboratory in conjunction with our newly added aerospace program.  After extensive research, we decided to purchase the AF27 Nozzle Flow Apparatus and the AF300  Intermittent Supersonic Wind Tunnel from TecQuipment with all the accessories including the VDAS Data Acquisition System.  We are happy to report our investment has been well worth it.  A perfect fit for our undergraduate laboratory.  Students are raving how “cool” the units are and the relative ease to obtain accurate data.  The laboratory size supersonic wind tunnel has been a big hit.  At Mach 1.8, viewing the shock waves and expansion fans on an airfoil using the included Schlieren Apparatus has never been easier and more clear.  The people at AYVA were amazing in helping us install the equipment.  They answered all our question in a timely manner and delivered on time.  The equipment is very well designed and built to last for a long time."

Peter Sakaris,
Concordia University

"We have recently acquired six KUKA robots for our Controls and Robotics Lab at the University of Toronto. Not only we are very impressed with the quality and performance of the units, but we are also very pleased with the level of service and professionalism we encountered from AYVA. They have provided a continuous channel through which we could interface with KUKA and fulfill our technical demands from the time of procurement, through to installation, training of personnel and commissioning. It has been a textbook case on how to support laboratory work in higher education."

Bruno Korst, P.Eng.
Director, Teaching Labs

"I’m often running two lab sessions at one time in two different rooms. Being able to use the base module like TecQuipment's Hydraulic Bench and quickly be able to switch out the experimental modules makes running a tight schedule of laboratory sessions possible. With a few of my own modifications like adding quick connects and valves I can make this changeover even slicker. The AVYA experience is great! Their post-sale technical support is unparalleled."

Dean Milton,
University of Regina

"All of the students that have the opportunity to see the [Eridès] Refrigeration Trainer in operation and do their lab report based on readings really get a lot out of it. Interesting to note: Our refrigeration tech was fascinated by the unit. He is a very experienced technician, and he was simply amazed at seeing the thermodynamic cycle in action. Typically, refrigeration technicians follow pressure and temperature readings, and gauging from his reaction, they most times give little thought to the phase changes that take place inside the guts of the unit.'

Daniel Saulnier

Daniel Saulnier

AYVA Educational Solutions | 7-233 Speers Road, Oakville ON L6K 0J5 | Toll Free: 1-877-967-2726 | Phone: 905-337-8486