Matrix: Digital Techniques in Aviation

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This package is designed for students working towards EASA part 66 – module 5: Digital Techniques.

The solution consists of a set of microcontroller based training hardware based on our E-blocks system including a PICmicro programmer board, general purpose input output board, motors training board and a CAN bus communications interface. Students firstly use our Flowcode software to develop simple programs, compile and send them to the microcontroller hardware. Then students look at pre-written programs to understand how more complex systems are developed.

Lastly students use prewritten programs to interface the hardware to our Electronic Flight Information System trainer using CAN bus to understand how larger more complex aircraft systems are developed.  By following this process students learn how digital microcontroller and microprocessor based systems and peripherals function in a modern, relevant and motivating environment.

An 80 page manual is included. Requires Flowcode software. This is a student centred course that will take around 10 hours to complete.

Learning Objectives

  • Decimal, binary, hexadecimal
  • Microcontroller chips and types
  • Microcontroller technology: CPU, ROM, RAM, ALU, inputs, outputs, clock, internal peripherals
  • Microcontroller circuits and systems
  • Microcontroller programming:
    • Flow chart programming techniques
    • Inputs, Outputs, Delays, IF…THEN, While, Goto points, Calculations, Decisions, Subroutines
    • Compilers, Assemblers, Linkers
    • Variables, open loop control, closed loop control
  • LED indicators, 7-segment LED displays
  • Switches – push to make and slide
  • Serially addressed LCD displays
  • Potentiometers and sensors
  • PWM control of motors, stepper motors, servo motors,
  • Microcontroller communications and multiplexing
  • Digital to Analogue conversion and Analogue to Digital conversion
  • CAN bus for communications