FEEDBACK Modular Servo Systems

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Theory & practice of Open & Closed-Loop, Speed and Positional Control of Servo Systems. Configurable set-ups using the 20 modules on a magnetic base.

  • AC & DC Modular Systems
  • Conversion of AC to DC Systems
  • AC/DC Hybrid Systems
  • PID Control

The modular servo system enables students to study the theory and practice of automatic control systems. It illustrates modern circuitand constructional techniques.The system is modular and, therefore, versatile. Each unitis fitted with a magnetic base which holds the unit to the plastic coated steel base plate, irrespective of the angle at which the base plate is positioned. Individual units may be so arranged to create operating block schematic systems and interconnections between the units are made by jumper leads terminated in 4 mm stackable plugs. The modular concept of the MS150 system permits the study of individual units and also, by combination, the investigation and performance testing of complete systems. A series of instructional manuals is supplied to provide comprehensive coverage of servo system theory and assignments.

The equipment set incorporates student experiments which can be carried out in a laboratory safely using safety extra-low voltage. Experiment instructions are contained in a manual in either printed or digital form.

Target Group

A training program made for the advanced training study programs at applied technology universities and technical universities. Knowledge of classic control engineering is a prerequisite.


  • Operational amplifiers
  • Motor speed characteristics
  • d.c. error channel
  • Simple position control
  • Closed-loop position control
  • Simple speed control
  • Deadband & step response
  • Velocity feedback
  • Analysis of simple speed control with speed response
  • Position response
  • Closed-loop frequency response
  • Identification of motor time constants
  • Identification of velocity error constant
  • Frequency and transient response
  • Measurement of following error
  • Stability considerations & the use of lead, lag & combined networks
  • Tachogenerator feedback &the effect on system performance
  • Acceleration feedback
  • Linearisation of systems


1 MS150 Modular Servo System (d.c., a.c., d.c./a.c, complete system)
1 MS150-2 AC/DC Modular Servo System
1 MS150-3 Complete Modular Servo System
1 MS150A a.c. Modular Servo System