KUKA ready2_educate _Pro Robot Package




KUKA ready2_educate pro is a standard cell concept for robot education in schools, universities & vocational education facilities.

  • Tailored to stand-alone operation
  • Safe cell in accordance to national codes (CE compliant)
  • Minimum preparation time & efforts for teacher/instructor
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Educational applications available
  • Modular design with available upgrades
  • Application Gripper: Ideal for use with the included application hardware


  • Scalable solution with possible upgrades to minimize entry investment and enable experience level increase, step by step
  • Solid Safety Cover with all side access to workspace, 2 sliding windows (counter balanced), 2 turning doors
  • 2 application areas, grid drilling pattern enables quick changes and versatile furniture setups
  • Safety in accordance with national standards, CE labeled
  • Movable by manual forklift

Teaching Materials: