Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Station 2 – Material Processing


The Industry 4.0 Mechatronics Training System (mMS 4.0) is a whole Industry 4.0 factory in miniature consisting of three flexible, exchangeable and expandable stations. The complete system displays a cube-assembly, which puts together various halves of the cubes. Each single station provides the opportunity to process specified learning topics. Thanks to its modular design which allows complete flexibility, each station can be installed independently.

Material Processing Station, Station 2, is for processing workpieces with a hydraulic or pneumatic press, and for forwarding. Station 2 assembles the cubes, operated by a pinning unit and a pneumatic press. The material is transferred from the conveyor belt to the press and back by a pneumatic vacuum gripper.

The station can be operated and programmed flexibly and individually, but can also be linked and expanded with other stations mechanically, pneumatically, or electrically. With emergency stop system for the station or the entire system. This includes, among other things:

  • Pinning unit
  • Portal
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic press (optional)
  • Safety technology, two-hand release (optional)
  • Profibus, Fieldline
  • Connected Industry 4.0: Open Core Engineering, HMI and RFID (optional)

Different cylinder types are available for the pneumatics, while a valve with manual operation can be used for the hydraulics. The extensive safety technology comes fully into play with the use of the press.

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