Matrix: Sensors and Control in Automotive


This solution provides an introduction to the role of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) based on our MIAC NXT controller. Students are provided with a number of pre-written programs for the MIAC which they call up using the keypad and display. They then construct different INPUT – PROCESS – OUTPUT – circuits around the MIAC using firstly Locktronics components and then real automotive components.

The Sense and Control system can be enhanced through the addition of real automotive sensors that are added to the system. See our Automotive sensors product.

Key Features:

  • A complete solution to learning
  • Includes carriers, baseboard and power supply
  • Includes worksheets with teacher’s notes
  • ANSI version available
  • Includes MIACNXT

Learning Objectives:

  • ECU structure and function
  • Lamps and actuators
  • Transistor outputs
  • Relay outputs
  • Digital inputs
  • Analogue inputs
  • Open vs. closed loop
  • Controlling DC motors
  • Controlling stepper motors
  • Circuit design for fault finding