TecQuipment Materials Lab With Data Capture – MF40 MKII

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A small bench-mounting hydraulic tensile testing machine/hardness tester with electronic digital readouts and PC-based data capture.

A hydraulic tensile and Brinell hardness testing machine. The machine tests any suitably shaped specimens of various materials. The material must not exceed the maximum strength or hardness limits (see ‘specifications’ on the data sheet). TecQuipment also supply additional low-cost test specimens (available separately).

The main parts of the equipment are:

  • A load frame
  • A display unit with a digital display of force (load)
  • A ball indenter for Brinell hardness tests.
  • An extensometer with a digital display for tensile tests

The load frame bolts to a bench (template included). To apply loads, students pump a handle connected to a hydraulic ram.

The display unit shows force and works as an interface to send data to a suitable computer. The extensometer has a digital display of extension and connects to the display unit for data capture.

Included is TecQuipment’s MF40 software to allow students to use the equipment with a computer (computer not included). The software records the data and produces detailed graphs of force against elongation and stress against strain.

Typically students will work in small groups, with one student working the hydraulic ram, while others note readings or use the software.

To do a hardness test, students put a hardness specimen on a platen and lock a guard in position. They apply a suitable load with the ball indentor and measure the impression in the specimen. They then use an equation to calculate Brinell hardness.

To do a tensile test, students fit a specimen to the machine, attach the extensometer to the specimen, and zero the display unit and extensometer. They then lock a guard and apply loads, taking various readings, until the specimen breaks. Students use the results to find the ultimate tensile strength, the proof stress and Young’s modulus of the material.

The Materials Laboratory comes with a teacher guide that shows experiment methods, information, references and tips. A student guide shows students how to do the experiments.

Key features:

  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations and for use by small groups of students
  • For Brinell Hardness tests and tensile tests of materials
  • Includes an Extensometer for accurate tensile test results
  • Electronic instruments with digital displays for easy use – includes a ‘peak hold’ function to store the maximum force (load) during a test
  • Supplied with a set of test specimens – additional test specimens available separately
  • Supports all teaching levels up to and including first year university courses
  • Includes software to automatically record results and produce charts (you need a suitable computer – not supplied)

Learning outcomes:

  • Tensile testing to destruction and Brinell hardness testing of various specimens
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Yield stress
  • Ultimate tensile stress
  • Percentage elongation
  • Brinell hardness test and hardness number derivation


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