TecQuipment Low Flow Range Display – H1L

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The Low Flow Range Display can be used with TecQuipment’s Hydraulic Bench or a standard hose when the volume of water is kept below 15 bar and 8 l.m-1.

The Low Flow Range Display is enclosed in a transparent case. It has been designed to display the volume of water flowing through it at low volumes.

This is perfect for measuring low flow rates of water being used in experiments like the Fluid Friction Apparatus.

There are two glands through the case which allow water in and out via 22mm internal diameter hoses. The H1l display is visible through the case and displays the current flow through the meter in l.s-1 (left reading) and m.s-1 (right reading). The maximum flow rate that can be measured accurately is 6.5 l.s-1.

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