Wireless Electrostatics System

Product Code: ES-9086


The Wireless Electrostatics System includes all the components needed to perform quantitative electrostatics investigations with the Wireless Charge Sensor.

Topics Covered

  • Production of charges, equal and opposite
  • Charge by induction
  • Principle of the Faraday Ice Pail
  • Charge transfer
  • Charge distribution in electric fields
  • Capacitors and the Q=CV relationship
  • Moving charges and current

What’s Included

  • 1x Wireless Charge Sensor (PS-3240)
  • 1x Charge Producers and Proof Plane (ES-9057C)
  • 1x Faraday Ice Pail (ES-9042A)
  • 1x Electrostatics Voltage Source (ES-9077)
  • 1x Conductive Spheres (ES-9059C)
  • 1x Electrostatics Materials (SE-6658)

Wireless Electrostatics Experiments

Perform quantitative electrostatics investigations using the Wireless Charge Sensor and various electrostatics apparatus.

Subject: Physics