Matrix: Complete Microcontroller Systems Kit – PIC

Product Code: BL0502


The  PIC microcontroller system development kit (BL0502) contains a PIC programmer board (with Ghost technology) as well as a selection of individual E-blocks2 boards, including a prototype board, actuators board, Grove board and assorted Grove sensors, keypad, switchboard, relay board and LED and LCD boards. The PIC programmer board is presented on a printed panel, which provides a student-friendly solution for microcontroller development.

This kit is also supplied with a power supply, USB and a neat, Gratnell’s tray storage solution.

For learners, this kit is compatible with our ‘Introduction to microcontroller programming’ course. This 50-hour course teaches the basics of developing projects based on microcontrollers using our Flowcode software. The kit is also compatible with MPLAB, and other compilers and assemblers that produce hex for PIC microcontrollers, and is a flexible hardware platform for learning C code, Assembly and other languages. A free utility that can send hex code into the microcontroller on the PIC programmer – Mloader – is available as a download from our web site.

This solution is our modular version.

This product includes an BL0011 PIC programmer which, when combined with Flowcode, provides access to the advanced In-Circuit Test and In-Circuit Debug features found in our revolutionary Ghost Technology.