Magnetic Field Sensor

Product Code: CI-6520A


PASCO’s Magnetic Field Sensor is sensitive enough to detect the earth’s magnetic field.

Its application in the physics lab includes measuring and plotting fields in single or Helmholtz coils, solenoids, electromagnets and magnets.


  • Measures radial or axial fields: Two switch-selectable Hall Effect sensors measure either radial or axial fields.
  • Tare button: Zeroing or nulling out existing fields is accomplished by just pushing the Tare button.
  • Measurements from earth’s magnetic field to strong magnets.
  • Three switchable ranges of sensitivity: Full scale ranges of 10, 100 and 1,000 gauss.
  • 7.5 cm probe: Sensors are mounted at the end of a fully encapsulated 7.5 cm long probe.

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Magnetic Field Sensor Manual

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Product Manuals for the Magnetic Field Sensor (CI-6520A)

Magnetic Field Sensor Manual(CI-6520A)
(80 KB – .pdf – English)