Rotary Motion Sensor

Product Code: CI-6538


  • Monitor Rotational and Linear Position
  • Multiple Resolution Settings
  • Extremely Accurate

The Rotary Motion Sensor is one of the most versatile position/motion measuring devices in the student physics lab. It is equally adept at measuring linear position with a resolution of 0.055 mm or rotary motion with a resolution of 0.25°. This sensor is also bi-directional, indicating the direction of motion.

The 6.35 mm diameter, dual ball-bearing shaft extends from both sides of the unit and provides an excellent platform for rotational experiments. The rod clamp (which can be attached on three sides of the sensor) allows the unit to be mounted in almost any orientation. A three-step pulley and a mount for the PASCO Super Pulley make it easy to perform torque experiments.

The heart of the sensor is an optical encoder. Since this is a digital technology, there is no drift or cumulative error; zero always indicates the same point. The resolution, 1° or 0.25°, is software-selectable.

Typical Experiments

  • Conservation of Angular Momentum
  • Rotational Inertia of Disk and Ring
  • Rotational Inertia of Point Mass
  • Force vs. Displacement
  • Acceleration of Cart with Massive Pulley
  • Tension vs. Angle
  • Simple Harmonic Motion

Support Documents

Rotary Motion Sensor Experiment Guide

Rotary Motion Sensor Manual

Principle of Operation – Rotary Motion Sensor

Manual Downloads
Rotary Motion Sensor Manual CI-6538
(1.8 MB – .pdf – English)
Rotary Motion Sensor Expiriment Guide CI-6538
(1.5 MB – .pdf – English)