Deluxe Air Table

Product Code: DB-2000


The CSA Approved deluxe air tables feature a 6 channel spark source recording system which simplifies taking good quantitative measurements from an air table experiment. The spark generator delivers a spark that leaves a mark on the recording paper. Students then use a protractor and centimeter scale to take measurements.

With the Manual Puck Launcher, students can execute the various launches required by placing the puck launcher at an angle in a front corner of the air table while raising slightly the back of the air table for parabolic trajectories and flat against one of the sides for straight launches.

What’s Included

  • Air table with adjustable legs
  • Compressor
    • Linked to the Air Supply Head Assembly by a flexible tube allows the pucks to float freely on the Air Table
  • Digital Spark Source/Timer
  • Manual Puck Launcher
  • Aluminum air head assembly
  • Orbital post with suction cup
  • Supplementary mass
  • Carbon paper sheets (4)
    • 22″ by 22″
  • Rockland paper sheets (100)
  • Steel pucks (2)
    • 55g
  • Magnetic pucks (2)
    • Magnetically opposed pucks that are used to simulate a perfectly elastic collision.
  • Aluminum puck (1)
    • Allows interesting experiments with one of the more massive steel pucks
  • Lucite puck (1)
    • Can be used to realize more experiments involving various moving masses
  • Circular magnets (2)
  •  Pulley
  • Double hooks (2)
  • Springs (2)
  • Removable posts (4)
  • Rubber bands (2)
  • Velcro collars (2)
  • Product Manual with Experiments