Dual-Sex Human Torso Model

Product Code: DB-B10108N


This life-size human torso has 27 removable parts, featuring exchangeable male and female reproductive organs.  Like the classic torso, the major body systems are shown in detail.  The head is opened, exposing one half of the brain and the neck is dissected to show muscular, glandular, vascular and neural structures.  The cerebellum and lungs can be completely removed to show the important structure of the head and inner wall of the thoracic cavity.  The thorax and abdomen are removable allowing easy observation of the internal organs while the back is opened and dissected showing the vertebral column, spinal cord, and nerve endings.  Further examination of the spinal cord is also possible with the removal of the 12th thoracic vertebrae.

Dimensions: 13″ x 10″ x 34″

27 Removable Parts Include:

  • Cerebrum & cerebellum, eyeball, liver, pancreas, spleen, duodenum, large & small intestines, esophagus & thoracic aorta, half of kidney, lung (4 parts), heart (2 parts), stomach (2 parts), male & female organs (8 parts), cecum cover, 12th thoracic vertebra with spinal cord