M Series Microscopes

Product Code: DB-M-SERIES


Innovation describes the M Series microscope. Unique base design provides comfort while viewing and stability while operating this instrument. Suitable for grades 11 through College and University level applications as well as a great instrument for industry and lab use. Limited 5 year warranty.


Product No. Head dIN Objectives Focusing Price
DB-M-M-100-LED Monocular 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coarse & Fine  $413
DB-M-T-100-LED 45º Dual View 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coarse & Fine  $421
DB-M-V-100-LED 90º Video 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coarse & Fine  $508
DB-M-B-100-LED Binocular 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coarse & Fine  $548
DB-M-CXM-LED Monocular 4x,10x,40xR Coaxial  $341
DB-M-CXT-LED 45º Dual View 4x,10x,40xR Coaxial  $546
DB-M-CXM-100-LED Monocular 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coaxial  $413
DB-M-CXT-100-LED 45º Dual View 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coaxial  $421
DB-M-CXV-100-LED 90º Video 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coaxial  $609
DB-M-CXB-100-LED Binocular 4x,10x,40xR,100xR (oil) Coaxial  $540

*For Halogen illumination, replace the “LED” with “H” to the product no. (e.g. M-CXM-H)*


  • Monocular head 360º rotating inclined at 45º, or 45º dual view head, or 90º video head or binocular head
  • 10x wide-field eyepiece with calibrated pointer
  • Quadruple reverse nosepiece
  • DIN objectives are parfocaled, parcentered and color-coded
  • Large built-in mechanical stage 5.5″ x 5.25″ allows for smooth X-Y travel in 1mm graduations
  • Tension adjustment eliminates stage drift
  • Positive stops at both ends of stage travel to prevent damage to specimens and optics
  • Rack and pinion 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Adjustable condenser diaphragm with Koehler illumination
  • Choice of coaxial or separate coarse and fine focusing
  • All models have light intensity control, on/off switch and power cord
  • Choice of LED or halogen illumination
  • Vinyl dustcover and instruction manual included