Introduction to Electrophoresis Kit

Product Code: DB-MBII24HS


This 2-part exercise provides an introduction to agarose gel electrophoresis.
In the first part of the exercise, students identify unknown dye molecules by comparing their electrophoretic migration with the migration of known dyes.
In the second part students identify dye molecules that bind to DNA and determine the mechanism.

The exercise was designed for 8 groups of students and includes four colorful dye mixtures and DNA.


  • Complete Instructions
  • 4 Samples 1
  • DNA
  • (8) 1ml Transfer Pipets
  • Agarose (5 Grams)
  • TG Buffer (Contents makes 3.5 Liters of re-usable buffer)

Accessories Required:

  • Electrophoresis Equipment
  • Automatic Pipeters (Optional)