QFN Series Stereo Microscope

Product Code: DB-QFN


The QFN series stereo microscopes delivers a three dimensional, upright image with great clarity, brightness and superior resolution. All metal construction makes these microscopes rugged and durable. Limited 5 year warranty.


Product No. Head Eyepiece Magnification Price
DB-QFN-12-L Binocular 10x WF 10x to 20x $461
DB-QFN-13-L Binocular 10x WF 10x to 30x $461
DB-QFN-24-L Binocular 10x WF 20x to 40x $461


  • Binocular head inclined at 45º
  • Interpupillary adjustment of 55mm to 75mm
  • 10X wide-field, high-point eyepieces
  • Diopter adjustment of +/- 5 on left viewing tube
  • Standard working distance of 100mm. Working distance can be increased or decreased with auxiliary lens
  • Rotating objective turret with your choice of (1X, 2X), (1X, 3X), or (2X, 4X) objectives
  • Coated optics provide a crisp image and superior resolution
  • Includes one 95mm glass stage plate and one 95mm reversible black/white stage plate
  • Heavy duty rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment
  • Locked-on spring mounted stage clips
  • 3-way built-in illumination system allows transmitted, incident, or dual lighting
  • Separate light intensity controls for top and bottom illumination
  • Comes complete with dust cover and instruction manual